Book Discussion and Dinner of “The 7th Wish”

April 4, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

A week after Kate Messner’s presentation of “The 7th Wish” at Holley Hall on Monday, March 26th at 1 PM, we are inviting 5th to 7th grade students and an adult in their families (parent, older sibling, guardian, friend) for an evening of book talk and pizza at Lawrence Memorial Library! *

“Wishing is not as easy as it seems, friendships grow in unpredictable ways, and family ties can pose hard to face challenges.” Let’s talk about it!

You can pick up a copy of “The 7th Wish” at LML, 40 North St., Bristol.
PLEASE, RSVP by calling #453-2366 or e-mailing Marita

*Care and food for younger siblings in the Children’s Room.