Ethiopian Feast at Tandem

March 23, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

ETHIOPIAN FEAST with Alganesh Michael

MARCH 23rd at Tandem in downtown Bristol Village

Its a wonderful opportunity we have in our community to host Alganesh again this Spring. She brings a cultural element to Bristol mostly found in more urban & diverse areas. Beer, Wine and handcrafted Sodas are available at the bar to accompany the various braised vegetables and meats served in dollops on this pizza sized crepe. Traditionally folks eat with their hands ( though we have tableware if need be) dipping the pieces of thin spongy bread into the hearty stews for a unique bite every time. We hope you get to experience this unique cuisine!

MENU: $20 per seat / $10 per kid seat
Taking Reservations 5 / 6:40 / 8
Take out or communal seating

Injera – All the dishes are served w Injera , a fermented sour dough pancake

Yemesser Alicha- Split orange Lentils cooked on low heat w onion, garlic, tomato and curry

Gomen-Collards and Kale braised w garlic, jalepeno ,rosemary & fresh tomatoes

Inguday Wet -Mushroom cooked in spicy berbere* w onion, garlic, ginger & tomatoes

Vegetable Dishes Served on Injera

Sega Wat-Spicy beef simmered w onion, tomato, spicy berbers and Ethiopian seasoned butter

Key Wat- Marinated medium spicy lamb sautéed w onion, tomato, garlic, ginger

Meat dishes served as Sides

EMAIL: to place reservations or take out orders