FAQ Regarding FY20 MAUSD Budget

February 26, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Greetings, MAUSD community!!

On Town Meeting Day (Tues 3/5/19), you will have the opportunity to vote on the Mt Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) budget. This budget is for all 6 schools in the five-town area (Beeman, Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton, Robinson, Mt. Abe M/HS). You can find the Annual Report with detailed budget information at your school, Town Hall, or at the MAUSD central office.

The Annual Meeting for the Mt. Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) is February 26, 2019 at 6:00pm, in the Large Cafeteria at Mt. Abe Union M/H School. Please plan on attending this important meeting to get your budget questions answered.

The MAUSD Board has also prepared some Frequently Asked Questions to help explain the proposed budget. I am sharing two FAQ’s below. You can find the full document on the MAUSD website (http://www.anesu.org/).

Q: How much is the budget increasing by and why?
A: FY20 total expenses are $1,918,701 higher than FY19 total expenses. FY20 revenue is $491,146 more than FY19 revenue. FY20 net education spending (expenses – revenue) is $1,427,556 more than FY19. The FY20 spending per equalized pupil is 8.17% higher than the FY19 spending per equalized pupil. The number of equalized pupils in FY20 of 1,475.75 is a reduction of 34.39 from FY19.

Q: Tell me more about this Budget?
A: This budget focuses on improving the Academic, Social & Emotional Outcomes, our ENDS (goals) for students. It ensures equity in both Opportunities & Outcomes for students. This budget reinforces the use of resources wisely to build sustainable systems in our schools and work to address issues of equity, across PreK – 12. It maintains safe and efficient facilities, that will support learning and instruction. This budget will allow us to identify and achieve efficiencies as we move forward. This budget maintains the same level of staffing as the current year, and includes normal yearly increases in salaries, health insurance, and other costs due to inflation. There is also an increase in intensive needs special education expenses.

Annual Meeting for the Mt. Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD)
Tuesday, February 26, 2019
6:00 p.m.
Large Cafeteria, Mt. Abe Union M/H School

As always, thank you for your tremendous support!